MERN Stack Weekly Coding Check In: Week 1 and 2

MERN Stack Weekly Coding Check In: Week 1 and 2

Greetings code baddies and code daddys!

It’s been a long and tumultuous journey through learning how to code using the MERN stack. What have I learned along the way? Way too much to wrap up in an article.

If you’re curious, feel free to check out my Daily Coding Journal GitHub Repo which details my first year of learning how to code and daily entries about my study plans and things I’ve learned.

I was inspired by a few mentors and friends to create a weekly vlog detailing what I’ve been working on, and how I’ve been feeling as I finish up my Software Engineering apprenticeship with 100Devs. In general, I have been wanting to work on increasing my ability with public speaking and getting more comfortable on camera.

One of my colleagues from 100Devs started something called #100daysoncamera. This seemed like a pretty low stakes way to begin my journey of being more open and increasing my online presence in a meaningful way.

Though I won’t be doing daily videos, I will be doing weekly check-ins for anyone interested in what I have been learning. Below are the first two weeks. I started out only posting these to Twitter in 1-2 minute wrap-ups and have since changed the format for youtube and will be keeping it within 10-25 minutes each week.

This format will be casual, with pretty much no editing prior to uploading. I hope you enjoy this series and gain something of value from it, even just making you smile while I rant about data structures and algorithms. If you’d like to be notified (or just support) subscribe to my channel :)

See you next week!