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Check Out the MVP for My Stretch Break App!

Your Stretch Break I am so excited to share that my labor of love Your Stretch Break finally has an MVP (minimal viable product)! I like to call in Minimal Lovable Product, which is also the most lovable. This full stack web app has over 50 stretches for you to try on your next computer break for your eyes, neck, shoulders, and hands! A Brief Overview This project was a dream of mine, over two years in the making.

What I Learned from Coffee Chats with 20 Diverse Software Engineers

20 Coffee Chats A few months ago, I was (and continue to be) knee-deep in learning the MERN stack. I was very focused on building projects using full-stack web development tools. One of my goals as I gained and shared knowledge by building in public, was to connect with individuals from marginalized communities. These included people we don’t usually see very prominently at tech companies: people of color, women, non-binary individuals, and those who identify as LGBTQA+.

MERN Stack Weekly Coding Check In: Week 1 and 2

MERN Stack Weekly Coding Check In: Week 1 and 2 Greetings code baddies and code daddys! It’s been a long and tumultuous journey through learning how to code using the MERN stack. What have I learned along the way? Way too much to wrap up in an article. If you’re curious, feel free to check out my Daily Coding Journal GitHub Repo which details my first year of learning how to code and daily entries about my study plans and things I’ve learned.

Human- Centered Documentation for Web Developers

Considerations for Accessible Technical Documentation What is human-centered design and how can we use it as developers? Human-centered design is a framework that centers the user’s needs. It evaluates the requirements of the user and what is needed to complete tasks. This increases accessibility by focusing on understanding the needs of the person using your product/ material. There are 4 Principles to this process: Understanding the context of the use Specifying user requirements Producing design solutions Evaluating the design

What is MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture?

What is MVC? MVC (or Model, View, Controller) Architecture is a framework for developing applications. It organizes the components of your web application and creates a separation of concerns. It makes a clear distinction between the frontend (what the user sees) and the backend (the data and logic) of your code. This makes it easier to work on large, complex applications and collaborate with other developers. This makes it possible to make changes without affecting areas of your code you don’t want to be altered.

20 Minute Yoga Stretch Break for the Neck, Shoulders and Hips

20 Minute Chill Yoga Stretch in a Tropical Swamp Enjoy this stretch break for tech workers and professionals who spend most of their time at a desk or computer. These yoga poses target the hips, wrists, and neck. Breath deeply, take your time, and enjoy the soothing sounds of tropical birds, frogs, crickets, and rustling wind. 💙