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Why Developer's Should Care About Semantic HTML

Why Developer’s Should Care About Semantic HTML Today I’ve been thinking about something I’ve thought about a lot: Semantic HTML. I know, kind of boring, but hear me out! It has come up recently in conversations in digital spaces. Web developers are asking themselves, does HTML semantics really matter? I’d like to toss my reply in the ring: HTML semantics ABSOLUTELY matter. It is often the thing stopping users from being able to use your website.

5 Stretches for the Wrist for Computer Users

This post is brought to you by my raging wrist pain. The irony is not lost on me that I spend my day helping patients rehab upper extremity injuries, and have given myself one. console.log('hello, carpal tunnel!') Lately, I find myself spending very long hours on the computer. During the day I see patients on zoom, then abuse my keyboard to complete evaluations and daily documentation. The rest of my free time is spent with even more screens, learning how to code, watching tutorials, editing videos, the list goes on.

What I Learned from 10 Coffee Chats with 10 Developers

In my quest to dive deeper into learning about the Software Engineering field, I reached out to some friends I knew who graduated from a full-stack web development boot camp. I also reached out to everyone I knew in the tech field IRL. This included devs on Twitter who were offering their time to chat over the past few months. Note: This blog post was originally posted on Hashnode on May 3, 2022 at https://codingtherapy.

Why I Decided to Leave the Therapy Field for a Career in Tech

It has been an interesting and non-linear journey, traveling from the therapy world to the tech field. To get there, I had to travel through what I like to call… The 10 Stages of a Burnt Out Healthcare Worker Note: This blog post was originally posted and featured on Hashnode at https://codingtherapy.hashnode.dev/why-i-left-the-therapy-field and on youtube :) Stage 1: The Optimistic New Therapist When I graduated from grad school as a newly minted occupational therapist six years ago, the world felt as though it was my oyster.