My Work


I build mindful web applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript and NodeJS.
I also build and design responsive web pages, and provide SEO and web accessibility consults for small businesses interested in expanding their digital footprint.
Below you will find a link to the live site of my projects, as well as the github repository.

Please note that many of these web pages are still in progress and in different stages of development. All pages are currently recieving a web accessibility audit and being updated to be WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 compliant.

My Projects

Your Stretch Break


A fullstack web application for computer users. This 5 minute stretch break application features a countdown clock, and yoga stretches for different body parts. This site was built with HMTL, CSS, vanilla Javascript, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB and hosted on DigitalOcean.
Note: This site is still under construction and may display errors

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Tarot Card Flip App


A fullstack web application that displays a tarot card on click where the flip function happens server side. This site was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, Express, and hosted on Heroku.
Note: This site is still under construction

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Message from the Universe NASA API


Animage generator using NASA’s API’s to display a picture from one of thier powerful microscopes and rovers. This site was built using HTML, CSS, Jand avascript. This site is still under construction to increase color contrast standards and add new backend and accessibility features.

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The Coding Therapist Blog


A static blog page featuring posts, contact information, portfolio, and about me section. This site was built with Hugo using the loveit theme and hosted on Netlify.

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Assistive Technology Business Page


An assistive technology business web page built with Wordpress using the Elementor theme.

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A Southern Chick Catering Business Page


A freelance website designed and built with Wix website building plaform for a small business.
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